RLD is an investment fund focused on sustainable development of land and tourism-related assets in Mexico.

The fund was established in 2007 with an initial investment of US $200 million from institutional and private investors, the most representative of which are Goldman Sachs and TPG-Axon. Leveraging an insightful and relentless approach to land privatization in Mexico, RLD has quickly grown to become the leading private equity fund for tourism in Mexico.

RLD creates value by aggregating and privatizing land from individual “ejidatarios” (stakeholders in Mexico´s constitution-backed model of public land ownership), obtaining land usage permits for urbanization, and planning and developing projects through partnerships with world-class hotel and tourism operators.
The Fund is currently invested in two projects, Chalacatepec and Mandarina, along the coasts of the Jalisco and Nayarit States. These are at different development stages and are expected to further benefit from planned investments in infrastructure in those regions.

Mandarina & Cachalatepec projects
More info about our RLD Fund in Mandarina, Mexico More info about our RLD Fund in Chalacatepec, Mexico